Picky Eaters

Please note that our Picky Eaters program is currently on-pause. Please reach out to our office or check back here for updates on the program.

Children will turn their noses up to certain foods (Brussel sprouts is an acquired taste) from time to time. However, there is a growing number of children that have quite limited diets. Picky eaters can make mealtimes stressful. There are many reasons behind why your child may not want to try new food. If your child has a limited number of foods they will eat, is anxious when trying new foods or is having challenges accepting a certain texture of food, they may benefit from our picky eating program.

Picky eaters won’t try new foods for many reasons. We can help you find out why!

The initial parent meeting will help identify the reasons behind your child’s feeding challenges and provide you with basic strategies to get you started.  This initial assessment will determine the treatment plan for your child that fits their unique needs and the needs of your family.

We would be happy to discuss your child’s feeding challenges with you to determine if our program would work for your child.

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