Preschooler being assessed by Speech Therapist, PHOTO

Language Development & Assessment

  • Are you concerned that your preschooler is not being understood by others?
  • Does your child seem frustrated that they cannot communicate their wants and needs?
  • Are you concerned that your child’s communications skills are not as strong as their peers?
  • Has your child’s educator/daycare provider brought forth any concerns regarding your child’s speech?

It can be very frustrating for a child when they cannot be understood. It is not uncommon that most parents have no problem understanding their own child. However, this may not be the case for the other people with whom the child interacts.

At Achieve Therapy Centre, a speech assessment for your preschooler can revolve around two domains: speech production difficulties and/or language difficulties. If therapy sessions are required, they can be scheduled at the time of the assessment session.

Speech Production Assessment

A child with speech production challenges has difficulties pronouncing speech sounds. A child may substitute a different sound for the intended sound making them hard to understand.

Ex. “Mommy, I want a foon!” instead of “Mommy, I want a spoon!”
Other children may delete certain sounds in English words – Ex. “Dada, I wan uh.” instead of “Dada, I want up.”

Through a speech production assessment at Achieve Therapy Centre, the clinician will determine if your child’s abilities are developmentally appropriate or if they may require speech therapy.

Length of Assessment Session: One hour
Number of Sessions: One

Language Assessment

A language assessment determines if your preschooler is having difficulties acquiring age appropriate vocabulary, putting together words to express ideas, or understanding what is said to them.

Length of Assessment Session: One Hour
Number of Sessions: Two

At Achieve Therapy Centre, an assessment session would be scheduled within two weeks of time of contact and upon completing intake questionnaire. A formal written report will be provided within two weeks of the end of the assessment, although findings and recommendations are discussed with the parent/caregiver at the assessment session(s). If therapy sessions are required, they can be scheduled at the time of the assessment session.